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Simcoach's Games-as-Media Online Studio is Where We Launch Online Experiences - and Careers!



Games are great for entertainment but that’s just the start. At Simcoach, we believe game’s greatest upside can be found at the intersection of content producers demanding new technologies and channels to reach audiences in a more engaging manner – and content consumers requiring media experiences to be relevant, engaging, instructive– and fun!


At Simcoach, we see the features and capabilities unique to game-based media and Metaverse applications. We know that in-game behaviors, skills and decisions can be translated into dynamic, recurring content, and that games bring added depth and dimensions to user-engagement, data analytics and ongoing communications. We also know that game-based content can be acted upon in real-time and in a forward looking manner, providing content producers with a powerful distribution platform... and content consumers with media experiences that meets their requirements for compelling and high-involvement media experiences.

Such gaming and engagement capabilities are truly foundational to Web 3.0 and early-stage metaverse applications. How does Simcoach know? Check it out here to see how Simcoach is leading the evolution of games from entertainment to media! 

What We Learned Exploring Games-as-Media

In the 16 years that Simcoach has been in business, we learned quite a bit about games – and how games bring new dimensions to learning, communicating and discovery. 

  • We learned that game data was synonymous with decision data

  • We learned that games are truly media as they sit between content providers and content consumers

  • We learned that many companies, organizations and brands want to augment training, instruction, communication and engagement with games

  • We learned that discovery was a driving motivator for gameplay – especially discovery of each players skills, attitudes, interests and aptitudes

  • We learned that games followed archetypical storylines and narratives that were anticipated and intuited by a range of players

  • We learned that game-play was an invitation to conversation, competition and longitudinal engagement

  • We learned that games compressed time by packing learning, experiences and decisions into high-engagement and enjoyable experiences

  • We learned that game-play forces honesty – and that biases are rarely a factor when winning is at stake.

  • We learned that game-play behaviors are ideal predictors of user behavior

  • We learned that games encourage multiple views and repeat site visits. Who doesn’t want to get to the next level? Who doesn’t want to get one more coin? Who doesn’t want to defeat the dragon? Who doesn’t want to save the princess? 

  • We know that games compress time which leads to faster understanding, trial and adoption

  • We know that games compress the rule of 7 into the rule of 1


  • We learned that most everyone is interested in games – and everyone likes to have fun

  • We learned that players share more about themselves through game- play telemetry while player privacy is respected. 

  • We know that opting into games and game rules is more compelling than checking a box giving authorization and permission

  • We learned that games follow the Goldilocks rule – they cannot be too hard and they cannot be too easy, but must be just right to engage the player and achieve game goals

  • We learned that statistical measurement of digital media is great – but when media is measured by in-game telemetry the insights are extraordinary 

  • We know that ongoing, multiple media experiences can be encapsulated into one game, and that content can be personalized based on player actions and decisions

  • We learned that games are uniquely able to provide hands-on experience to solve problems

  • We know that actions speak louder than words – and games are the most action-packed media available

  • We know that games serve up content based on decisions and behaviors vs guessing based on personas and secondary date resources 

  • We know that games are the only media with actual “winners”

  • We know that games enable content to be dynamic, recurring and continuous vs static and fixed based on production

  • We know that games provide unique experiences for each player

Contact Simcoach to explore new dimensions in communications and engagement that only Games-as-Media can deliver.


The Simcoach Studio

The studio is where our extensive catalog of games and game artifacts reside. This is where we:

  • Provide a full array of game production services including technical, financial, design, development and distribution

  • Integrate cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, blockchain and virtual reality into gaming experiences

  • Design games that facilitates personal discovery, improves decision making and enables positive behavior change

  • Offer studio services and options to streamline game production processes and reduce development expenses

  • Rapidly develop game prototypes, game deliverables and interactive media applications

  • Provide game design experts and training resources work with our apprentices

  • Take the first steps – together - into the games-as-media future

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