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Building the Future - One Game at a Time!

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Games for Youth by Youth

The Games for Youth by Youth Summer Apprenticeship Program centers on employability skills including software development, game design and social – emotional learning. Working as paid employees in Simcoach’s game design studio, apprentices try their hand at studio roles -  Producer, Designer, Developer and Artist – as they develop games that are relevant to challenges they feel they must overcome and opportunities they wish to pursue.

At Simcoach, we believe that transformational games and game-play have the power to really make a difference! That’s why we offer the “Games for Youth by Youth” Summer Apprenticeship Program with technical, creative and durable skills informing career pathways built upon a personal inventory of you.

The results are in...

6 Weeks

40 Apprentices

250 Game Ideas

20 Games Built


Join us, be a part of our community!

Contact us to learn more about the Games for Youth by Youth Summer Apprenticeship Program. The game design skills and experiences may help inform your inventory of you as together we build the future….one game at a time! Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on everything Simcoach. We look forward to hearing from you!

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