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We make learning simple, interactive and measurable.

Simcoach Games designs and develops video games that enable learners to achieve sustainable behavior change.

Simcoach Approach


Simcoach Approach

Measurable and sustainable behavior change is at the core of what we do. Our team of experienced game developers is committed to making every learning experience fun. Our Simcoach® Method combines superior game design with proven learning science to develop industry leading workforce training that is both engaging and effective.

Simcoach Games Pittsburgh


Simcoach History

For the the past 10 years, Jessica Trybus and her team have been dedicated to the mantra of making games Simple, Interactive and Measurable (the “sim” in Simcoach). Situated in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, Simcoach has worked with dozens of businesses in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, government and more and has developed games for numerous companies such as Alcoa, Honeywell, Lowe’s, and Wegmans and organizations like the 3 Rivers Workforce Investment Board, OSHA, and other agencies.

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Simcoach Games Clients


Simcoach Video Game Training

Not convinced about gaming in the workplace? We believe in the transformational power of video games because they provide active engagement that is parallelled by no other teaching method. Learn more about our serious games and training apps and the enrichment they bring to the workplace.

Contact Simcoach Games


Contact Simcoach Games

Whether you are a newcomer to the idea of educational video games or not, we can help you find the perfect solution for your company’s specific needs. Contact us today and see how our training games and apps can quickly and effectively train your workforce and lead to continuous improvement and growth.