Practice and refine DDI’s five essential interpersonal skills: the Key Principles.


Backed by more than 45 years of research by Development Dimensions International (DDI), the Key Principles (Esteem, Empathy, Involvement, Share and Support) are proven to be the core behaviors that today’s leaders need in order to manage a successful corporation, small business, or team. DDI wanted to go beyond the current training paradigm to provide today’s leaders with an engaging reinforcement tool to practice the Key Principles.


Provide frontline leaders with the opportunity to practice and refine their use of the Key Principles in an engaging story-based context.


Development Dimensions International (DDI)


The learner assumes the role of the newly appointed frontline leader, Jane Mode, and is challenged to work with her team made up of different personality types. Jane motivates her team to adapt to changes and solve internal struggles by selecting the most appropriate Key Principles to use in a variety of interactions. Through the mystical “12th Dimension View,” Jane is able to see the truth of how her team members are feeling before and after the learner responds using Key Principles. The Zapp! Zone meter continuously monitors player progress through five challenging levels and indicates areas for improvement at the end of each stage in the game. Each level in the game is replayable allowing learners to go back and see how different responses can change each team member’s “12th Dimension” score.


Zapp! Zone is offered to DDI’s clients. Prior to playing the game, learners need to have become familiar with the Key Principles by completing a course from DDI’s Interaction Management® leadership development system.

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