Minimizing the risk of injury in selectors by focusing on proper lifting, sizing, building and stretching techniques.


Selectors and distribution center workers select and move thousands of pounds of products per day. Injuries can occur suddenly, either the result of years of stress from improper lifting and stretching or from inattention to the pallet jack equipment. Such injuries cost employers millions of dollars per year in workers compensation claims and other indirect costs.


Create an engaging solution that coaches selectors on key behaviors that will minimize their risk of injury and allows their supervisors to identify areas for further training and reinforcement.


Giant Eagle


Selector Safety is an in-context game (the player is a selector at a warehouse) that focuses on the critical behaviors that most significantly impact the risk of injury, from inspecting equipment, handling products and building pallets to lifting techniques and good stretching habits. The player is introduced to the concepts over four levels and has the opportunity to simulate key behaviors in each level (lifting, sizing, building and stretching). This allows players to see the impact of these behaviors on their fatigue and productivity. At the end of the game, the number of times a player attempted a level is recorded, allowing supervisors to identify areas for coaching outside the game.


Selector Safety has been fully rolled out to all Retail Support Centers (RSCs) and is being used with new hires and for periodic refresher training.

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