Over the years, we’ve built many games that we’re proud of. Here’s a selection of our work delivered outside of our Skill Arcade platform:


Players are introduced to important science topics while also developing reading comprehension and note taking skills.


BRTsim: A City Planning Simulation

Players are allowed to design and submit their own proposal for a Bus Rapid Transit System in Pittsburgh. Users can modify road layouts, station design, and station amenities while seeing how the changes they are making affect aesthetics, travel time, cost, and more.

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Players are challenged by game-based trainings and practice of service-oriented behaviors for nursing staff in order to increase patient satisfaction ratings as measured by HCAHPS.


Cashier Safety  

Grocery cashiers typically handle thousands of pounds of products per day. Learn how to reduce sprains and strains, by properly bagging groceries.

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Crimson Dilemma

Young leaders learn the importance of ethical decisions in the workplace.

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Electrical Safety Sim

Using a series of lessons and scenarios, players complete a number of different common tasks related to low voltage electrical safety and also learn the harmful consequences of mistakes from failures.

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Hazard Identification Training

Users spend time in either a manufacturing, healthcare or construction setting while interacting with workers, machinery, and rooms in order to identify and fix hazards while sustaining a profitable income.

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Heart Failure Coach 

Heart failure patients learn and practice the skills needed to stay well – and to stay home from the hospital.

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Job Quest

PA Job Quest is a Pokémon style card game in which players travel around the state of Pennsylvania, competing in card games, engaging in quests, and answering trivia questions in order to build their set of occupation trading cards and unlock new PA cities and customizable items.

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Robot Factory

The game places the player in the context of being a worker in a robot factory, with the intent to engage fundamental cognitive processes that play a crucial role in fluid intelligence.


Selector Safety

Selectors are coached on key behaviors that will minimize their risk of injury and allows their supervisors to identify areas for further training and reinforcement.


Zapp! Zone: Jane’s Dilemma 

Frontline leaders have the opportunity to practice and refine their use of key principles including esteem, empathy, involvement, share and support.

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