Changing the way people work reduces strains and sprains.


Grocery cashiers typically handle thousands of pounds of products per day, sometimes causing strains and sprains. Even minor injuries can be a burden to personal and family life. Lost time injuries cost grocery retailers millions of dollars every year in workers compensation claims and other indirect costs.


Provide an engaging solution that teaches cashiers key behaviors for minimizing the risk of strains and sprains, and gives supervisors and managers the tools to coach and reinforce those behaviors.


Giant Eagle, Wegmans, Schnucks, Whole Foods


Cashier Safety is an in context game (the player is a cashier in a grocery store) focusing on the critical behaviors that most significantly impact the risk of injury, from handling products to lifting techniques to proper stretching habits and more. The player is introduced to the concepts and then has the opportunity to simulate the check-out processes, allowing them to visualize the impact of these beneficial methods relative to their fatigue and productivity. In addition to the training portion of the game, Cashier Safety also includes assessment and coaching tools that enable and equip supervisors as coaches in implementing sustainable and impactful work methods.


The game has been very well received by the over 25,000 cashiers who have already played it. Post-training studies have shown a high rate of retention of behaviors learned and practiced. Lost time incidents and workers comp claims have dropped dramatically. Employee response is very positive:

“The simulation was very visual and helped me to stay engaged”

“The training was user-friendly and the animations made it easier to concentrate. It was a lot of fun!!!”

“The repetitive game training really has me remembering the things the game taught. Also, playing a video game at work is cool”

“We should play games for all of our coachings!”

From cashiers who have played the game

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