Enhancing reading literacy through interactive stories.


Literacy in schools across the US has remained stagnant partly due to the introduction of different technologies that pulls kids away from reading. With the rise in STEM solutions in schools, educators have turned to e-learning solutions, many of which fail to address the key issues, reading comprehension and critical thinking. Kids are not reading enough which limits their exposure and interest in different subjects and inhibits their ability to develop essential reading and note taking skills.


Create a learning solution that will introduce kids to important science topics while also developing reading comprehension and note taking skills.


Dr. John A. Pollock, Biological Sciences Department at Duquesne University


Created by the same team that produced the Emmy® Award winning television show Scientastic! Are you Sleeping, Dormez Vous?, BiblioTech™ is a new platform for enjoying engaging learning experiences through reading and interactive materials. CityHacks, which is the first book in the BiblioTech™ series, uses games, videos, and note-taking to create an interactive storyline that teaches the importance of sleep by allowing players to create their own branching story. Players learn age appropriate scientific vocabulary and information as they do research and hear from scientists, zoologists, and sleep anthropologists. After all the research is done, players compile their notes to assist Maya in convincing her mom to let her go to CityHacks, a weekly STEM event that runs late. Players are encouraged to take detailed notes to strengthen their arguments to help Maya attend CityHacks.

Current Status

CityHacks: In Search of Sleep (a Bibliotech™ book) is available for iPad through the iTunes store. More books are being created to further expand the BiblioTech™ library. Check back for more details.

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