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Who We Are

We are a committed team of game designers and developers, software engineers, academics, and business entrepreneurs dedicated to developing technology that actually makes a difference in people’s lives.  This commitment is manifested in video games and digital experiences for people of diverse backgrounds seeking better insights, instruction, and learning in organizations of all sizes. At Simcoach Games, we believe that the right understanding of people, their learning objectives, and enabling technology can lead to breakthroughs for the individual, the academic institution, or the business enterprise.

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Why We Do It

At Simcoach Games, our mission is to create fun video games that make people’s lives better. Our vision is that everyone can practice important behaviors, skills, and experiences while learning about themselves, especially their unique capabilities, interests, and aptitudes.


We value the authentic partnership between developers and content experts and promote a collaborative approach to produce solutions that are player-centric in design and focus.


Our values are displayed in our agile, iterative method allowing for constant input that results in life-changing games that have major impacts on individuals and society.

ABOUT: Why We Do It

How We Do It

Making transformational games that can actually improve learning and lives requires a combination of art and science. The science, such as computer science and programming, software development and graphics, and the arts around design, scriptwriting, and plot, are combined so that a game has goals, rules, and strategy leading to a ‘winning’ outcome. Playing Simcoach’s games clearly shows how Simcoach’s ability to combine and integrate these diverse skills delivers a superior gaming experience.


In general, this ‘secret sauce’ is called game design. Simcoach’s game design skills and related development methodology were informed by our founder’s 16-years experience developing hundreds of gaming solutions for leading business enterprises, government agencies, and academic institutions. When this experience and record of success is combined with the technical firepower and acumen resident at Sigma Resources, the parent company of Simcoach Games, the result is an engaging and informative gaming experience that can scale to multiple stakeholders across a range of enterprises.

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ABOUT: How We Do It
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