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In the Lead, PGH

Simcoach Games feautred in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as a key partner to drive young people to careers in construction

As part of a news series to highlight how infrastructure is supporting and driving the Pittsburgh economy, Simcoach Games was featured as a leader in connecting qualified, young people to careers in construction.

Booeys video game

Startup 'Burgh interviewed Jess Trybus to learn more about workforce training video games

In it's 17th Episode, Startup Burgh intervied Jessica Trybus to talk about her company Simcoach Games, and their mission to educate the workforce through video games. Have a listen!

Booeys video game

Simcoach Games and TRWIB launch new video game to connect job seekers to tech-related careers

Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board and Simcoach Games announced the release of a free video game, Booeys, aimed to connect people to potential careers in the region’s technology-related fields by challenging players to complete complex puzzles that gauge five aptitudes critical to technical careers.

Simcoach Games Tech50

Simcoach Games is named as a solution Provider of the Year

Simcoach Games was recognized at the Pittsburgh Technology Center's Tech50 Awards ceremony as being one of the Solution Providers of the year in the Innovative Technology category. The Simcoach Skill Arcade was introduced to the public as the next tool in workforce development.

Best Places to Work 2016

Simcoach Games is named A Best Place to Work two years in a row

At the annual Pittsburgh Business Times luncheon, Simcoach Games was named one of the best places to work in Western PA in the small business category. Simcoach Games has been recognized two years in a row for being a best place to work.

NEXTPittsburgh Harness Hero

NEXTpittsburgh talks about saving lives with Harness Hero

Simcoach Games is helping save lives in construction by bringing video game training to the workforce; working towards their vision to have dozens of games for the construction industry that can be played whether you’re employed or you’re being recruited.

City of Pittsburgh

May 3, 2016 named "Harness Hero Day" in the City of Pittsburgh

The City of Pittsburgh has declared that May 3, 2016 is "Harness Hero Day" in the city of Pittsburgh. This proclamation recognizes the innovation and influence behind Simcoach Games and the Master Builders' Association's new app, Harness Hero, and the thousands of lives it will help save in the construction industry.

Simcoach Games features in TeQ

The Simcoach Skill Arcade is Featured in teQ

Simcoach's new mobile training platform is featured in the Pittsburgh Technology Council's Spring Magazine. The Simcoach Skill Arcade is being launched at Square Cafe, UPMC, and Primanti Brothers and already has hunderds of users.

Jessica Trybus and Serious Games

Two of Simcoach’s Games Won Parent Choice Awards: CITYHACKS and Charles Darwin Synthetic Interview

Two of Simcoach’s most recent games, developed in collaboration with Dr. John Pollock from Duquesne University, have won Parent Choice Awards under the Recommended category. These games are available for iPads through the Apple App Store.

Jessica Trybus and Serious Games

CEO and founder of Simcoach Games, Jessica Trybus, Talks about the Future of Games for Kids

With more than 97% of kids playing video games, how are today’s leading educators inside and outside the classroom using games as motivation and as a learning tool? Jessica Trybus talks about the future of educational games and how they help kids explore new ideas by learning to solve problems.

Simcoach Games Developes Games For CAWP to Raise Applicatnt

Simcoach Games Develops Games for CAWP to Raise Interest in Construction Jobs

As a part of their quarterly meeting, the Constructors Leadership Council invited Jessica Trybus, the CEO of Simcoach Games and Jason Koss from CAWP to talk about Future Road Builders and the games that they developed for the construction industry.

Simcoach talk about Seriousgames and Education

Simcoach talks at Democratic Policy Committee about Mixing Arts into Tech Education

Simcoach Games was asked to be a part of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee roundtable to talk about how Pittsburgh schools need to integrate arts into science and math curriculums to make students more well rounded. This roundtable is headed by state Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa.

Simcoach featured on KDKA

Local news reports on Simcoach’s new app series

KDKA did a 6:00 PM news special on Simcoach Games and the 3RWIB’s new JobPro apps that prepare youth with the soft skills needed to excel in their first interview. CEO, Jessica Trybus, and Producer, Anthony Zabiegalski, were featured in the news report taken right at our office.

Simcoach and 3RWIB Release JobPro Series

The 3RWIB and Simcoach are proud to announce the release of the JobPro series

Called the JobPro series, these video games prepare and reinforce key areas of work-readiness skills including time management, appropriate work attire, interview behavior and preparation. These games allow for teens and young adults to practice for a job interview in a safe environment. The games are free and available to download from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Marketplace.

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh's 125 Gala

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC’s 125th Anniversary Gala was a smash

On Friday October 2nd, the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh celebrated 125 years of helping others with an extravagant gala that brought home local celebrities and hundreds of supporters. Almost $12 Million of support was raised in this event. Our contribution was only marginal as we were honored with the privilege to create the animations for the night’s festivities.

JobPro Serious Games

JobPro series mentioned in Workforce Development Council Weekly Newsletter

As a part of the weekly newsletter, the Workforce Development Council included a section about the Learn and Earn program that helped develop the JobPro series. The article talks about The 3RWIB’s contribution and mentoring of the interns through the development of these games.

Simcoach Partner Dr. Jon Pollock Receives Emmy

Simcoach partner receives Emmy for his televised program

Dr. John Pollock, our partner who helped develop Charles Darwin Synthetic Interview and another game which is scheduled to be released in a couple of months, received an Emmy for his program “Are You Sleeping? Dormez Vous?”

Simcoach Nominated for Best Place to Work

Simcoach Games is among the finalist of the 2015 Best Places to Work in Western PA

Simcoach Games has been nominated as one of the finalists of Pittsburgh Business Times's Best Places to Work in Western PA. There are 41 businesses in the 10-24 employee category that will be recognized on Friday October 30th, 2015 for the annual lunch reception.

Simcoach Learn and Earn

Simcoach Games Employs 25 Youth for the Summer as part of 3RWIB's Learn and Earn Program

Simcoach Games will employ 25 interns this summer tasked with designing games that address job-seeking skills. One of the main goals of the Learn and Earn program is to expose youth to possible careers by putting them to work in professional environments. "This is an unprecedented opportunity for our young interns. They will be given real work in a fun, creative and innovative gaming company. They will also be exposed to tech careers like game programming, art, animation, design, business and product marketing."

Simcoach Fast Tracker

Simcoach Games CEO Jessica Trybus named 2015 Fast Tracker by Pittsburgh Business Times

CEO Jessica Trybus has been named a 2015 Fast Tracker by the Pittsburgh Business Times. Winners are selected in recognition of their successful efforts to grow a business or nonprofit before the age of 40.

Serious Play Convention

Simcoach Games hosts UPMC, Honeywell at Serious Play Conference

Simcoach Games will present two talks on the process of building games with development partners from UPMC and Honeywell Labs at the Serious Play Conference, July 21-23, 2015.

Pittsburgh Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games built a tool for visualizing urban planning possibilities and was featured in this year's P4 Pittsburgh Conference.

Simcoach Games built a powerful tool for democratizing urban planning, which was showcased on day 2 of the P4 Pittsburgh conference at the Energy Innovation Center on April 17, 2015.

Mission Main Street Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games enters Mission Main Street grant competition

Help Simcoach Games grow and give back to the community by voting online before June 19, 2015! Simcoach Games is excited to announce our application to the Mission Main Street Grants competition by Chase.

Simcoach Games and CMU

CMU summit encourages creativity for common good.

Creativity for a greater good was the central theme of Carngie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center's first Transformational Experiences Summit, sponsored in conjunction with South Side-based Schell Games, The Sproud Fund, The Grable Foundation and Simcoach Games, among others.

Simcoach Serious Games

A Better Way to Learn

Whoever knew that job training could actually be fun and games? Simcoach Games CEO Jessica Trybus did a decade ago when she founded the company as Etcetera Edutainment.

Serious Games Pittsburgh

Using Gaming to Engage and Drive Behavior Changes in Patients

Besides being more fun than traditional patient education, the gaming/coaching platform leverages qualities of games that are proven to facilitate learning and motivate behavior change.

Simcoach Games Pittsburgh

Name Change, Expansion for Simcoach Games

Etcetera Edutainment Inc. is now doing business as Simcoach Games, which is eying expansion of its health care learning offerings...

Simcoach Games Pittsburgh

Etcetera Edutainment Rebrands as Simcoach Games. UPMC Ups its Game for Heart Patients

What prompts a successful Pittsburgh gaming company to change its name after 10 years?

Future of Gamification

Gamification: Win, Lose or Draw for HR?

HR Magazine reports on how some companies, including Etcetera Edutainment, are experimenting with using games to facilitate learning and how gamification could be a win-win for HR and employees.

Construction Serious Games

A Gaming Experience to Encourage Highway Construction as a Career

The Constructors Association of Western PA (CAWP) and Simcoach Games have teamed up to create "Future Road Builders", a computer-based experience that allows users to virtually explore what having a career in highway construction is like.