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Virtual programs jump start careers in highway construction.


An anticipated growth in the number of jobs in the highway construction career required a recruiting and qualification tool to train and inform potential applicants about the skills and roles that construction jobs require.


Introduce a wide variety of individuals to careers in the heavy and highway construction industry and promote workzone awareness and safety through fun yet educational mini-games available through the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the CAWP website.


Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania (CAWP) Laborers District Council of Western Pennsylvania International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 66


Through the use of several mini-games, three mobile and web apps as well as an interactive online game, CAWP is able to drive awareness and educate future road builders. These serious games include: Future Road Builders, Traffic Control, Excavator and Reinforcers.

Future Road Builders simulates a four year road and bridge construction project. This game allows the players to engage in phase-by-phase virtual construction and development all while working towards earning 4,000 virtual hours to receive a Certification of Completion which can be used to apply to apprenticeships in highway construction.

Traffic Control is a mobile and web mini-game that gives players the opportunity to play as a traffic controller battling the elements as they flag cars, emergency vehicles and dump trucks past the construction site. Players have three lives to try and earn a new high score. After three crashes, players can play again, but only after reading a tip on workforce safety.

Excavator is a mobile and web game that simulates the real life planning and execution skills of an excavator operator. Similarly to the construction site, Excavator challenges players to use hand-eye coordination, three-dimensional thinking and planning to solve puzzles. Each of the 25 levels gets progressively harder as players strive to earn three stars.

Reinforcers is a mobile and web mini-game that allows players to learn how to tie rebar for concrete footers. This serious game couples hand eye coordination with a race against the clock to tie three different rebar ties (snap tie, figure eight tie and splice tie) to pour concrete footers and ultimately build a bridge. Once time expires players are graded based on their performance and can choose to play again.


All four of these serious games can be accessed through CAWP’s website for free as well as the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The games have been well received by both CAWP and reviewers on both platforms. Job application rates for construction have increased and hundreds of players have earned certificates since June of this year.

Construction Gamification
Construction Gamification