Using the public’s opinion and their designs to accelerate the BRT.

Pittsburgh Transportation Simulator

While discussing possibilities for a major transit system in Pittsburgh, even with hearings and community meetings, constituent participation and engagement was virtually non-existent.


Communicate the value of a major rapid transit project to the 10,000+ public transportation stakeholders; engage the public to gather data on preferences regarding features of the BRT implementation.


Port Authority of Allegheny County

Pittsburgh Community Crowd Sourcing Game

In BRT Simulation, the player is allowed to design and submit their own proposal for a Bus Rapid Transit System in Pittsburgh. The player can modify road layouts, station design and station amenities while seeing how the changes they are making affect aesthetics, travel time, cost, and more. The submissions are sent to the Pittsburgh Port Authority who are gathering information directly consisting of the public’s opinions and desires in order to help them design the BRT system.

Pittsburgh Transportation Simulator Video: Public Designing Transportation Simulator